As you know, the average pro superstar only touches the ball 20 to 30 times per game. So, they need to be prepared to perform instantly. 
That’s why we created the One on One Championship!

Players need to play! We all know, that to become a great soccer star, you need time on the ball…playing. Practice is good but competition builds confidence and performance.

Skills, stamina, speed, training, and recruitment are important to young soccer stars – At the One on One Championship you get more than just practice; you are outfitted with a small professional athlete tracker that record real-time improvements in your play while you progress through the tournament.

This data is available to you any time through our app and online for high school, college and professional coaches. You also receive live streaming video of your play that will be secured under your profile through the app. 

So at any time in the future, you can revisit those great moments on the field and share them with family and friends.

Players will have thousands of touches on the ball by the end of the tournament. The opportunity to have more touches on the ball means improved confidence, technique, and greater soccer IQ development.

1v1 helps identify players with talent and places them in an environment where we can help them with recruiting. The media has constantly been moaning about the lack of creative players being created in the USA. The national team struggles because of it. 1v1 Championship identifies those players and puts them on the stage. This is also the only play where College coaches can come and watch games that are truly there to showcase the kids’ game.

Players will refine their talent and develop a better sense of awareness on the field. They will improve their coordination and ability to keep the ball at their feet at all times.
The One on One Championship is for soccer players between the ages of 7 and 17 who want to step up their game!

Every player, from all backgrounds, get the chance to play and continuously develop the gift to develop and showcase their attacking creativity, as well as their defensive awareness. 
Create a greater tactical sense during a game by knowing when and how to attack (or defend) another player. It will grow their tactical awareness and allow their minds to be quicker than other players by knowing what to do in the middle of the action. Their coordination, speed and agility will grow exponentially as they perfect their technique.
1v1 is not simply a moment in a game that occurs before scoring, or creates a scoring opportunity, it is also a series of moments across the field in all sorts of situations. It is at the core of the game.
The art of the dribble (1v1) is a lost art. The greatest players in history, were all amazing at it. Players such as Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Messi, or players of today like Neymar and Mbappe, all know that a great 1v1 opens the games and creates opportunities.
People do not remember a great pass, but they remember the incredible skill.

Plus, it's less costly than any other tournament out there. Players get more touches. Considering the average tournament cost is $60 per player, with no guarantees of playing time. This is not team related, therefore registrations don’t rely on a group of people, but only on an individual. It provides players that don’t get much playing time with their team, to be competitive and improve their game. Everyone in the community can participate!

If this sounds fun & valuable to you, fill out the short application and get in on the greatest soccer experience for young players anywhere.
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